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Earth Wisdom Foundation Mission


Earth Wisdom Foundation mission statement:

We are dedicated to returning cleanliness and health to the Earth's soil, wind-oxygen, waters, and the life forces of all creation through vibrational healing and the sharing of ancient ceremonies and wisdom, working with the Elders of many Tribes and Nations, each culture sharing their prophecies of Mother Earth, interpreting their understanding of sacred geometry, grid lines, ley lines and song lines, bringing this wisdom into common understanding and application.. We share the powerful wisdom about the energy, the power that transmutes the environment, bringing healing for Mother Earth.

We are reintroducing the sacred geometric science of the Web of Life — Grandmother Spider's Web — the Flower of Life and how it works upon Mother Earth's sacred sites in today's societies. Our sacred prayer and hope is that as we reconnect to Mother Earth, we heal our families and relationships around the world for a better future for all generations to come for we are all connected within the Web of Life. Together we can bring about a healthy planet promoting peace. Our intentions, in decrees, in our spoken word, represent our prayers from our hearts, giving love in thankfulness for all that has been created, honoring and truly loving Mother Earth and each other.  Our hopes, dreams and intentions are in our decrees known as prayers for all of us to reconnect to Mother Earth, for the betterment of all.

Join us in relearning how to live in healthy harmony in alignment with our precious Mother Earth and each other.



The Earth Wisdom Foundation EIN #74-3192626.

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Healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites with the Medicine Wheel
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