The Life and Work of Bavado Rainbow Thunder Heart

Bennie LeBeau, "Bavado" Rainbow Thunder Heart (in Eastern Shoshone) formerly known as Bavado, is a younger tribal elder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, located on the Wind River Indian Reservation, in  Ft. Washakie, Wyoming.  Blue Thunder has had many years of hands-on experience in indigenous traditions and culture with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, and has been welcomed and taught by elders in many different tribes in South and Central America.

As a youth he was encouraged by his Shoshone elders to study Cultural Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. After college, Bavado was pulled by Spirit to begin studying firsthand the ancient messages known as the "original instructions" engraved on large stones around the country. For several years he traveled around the nation, locating the stones, some of which were half-buried at long forgotten sacred sites. He meditated intensively on the petroglyphs, opening himself to the stones' messages and the knowledge of the ancient elders who carved them.  

Bavado's interpretation of these sacred sites and the petroglyph "texts" is sublime and multi-dimensional—his messages learned from both Dream Time and the many sharings of Elders of the Shoshone and other Indigenous Nations. Through the Medicine Wheel and other ceremonies, Bavado is bringing critical public awareness to these rock art sites as the original "Gardens of Eden"—places of tremendous power and harmony that strengthen and positively influence the surrounding countryside and all creatures within it. 

Rapidly disappearing around the world due to uncontrolled land development, it is Bavado's hope that these sites will be preserved and their wisdom re-taught to other traditions and cultures of the world. Today he shares his knowledge and understanding of what needs to change in our world in order to come into alignment with nature's laws. As a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth, a group of indigenous prophetic seed carriers of North America,, he helps educate Indigenous Nations and other cultures on the significance of sacred sites, their teachings, and the indigenous prophecies about the coming transition from the lower Fourth World vibrations into the higher dimensional Fifth World of existence long predicted by the Hopi, the Maya and almost all other cultures around the globe. 

His intent is to show that only by our living in harmony with natural law can Mother Earth stay balanced and healthy, and her ley lines "in tune," providing not only the land, but us, the electrical energy to support our life force. He hopes that by making this information available to all people of all nations that we can come together to re-harmonize the ley lines with sacred tones and vibrations, holding ceremony with awareness and intent,  that the environment can be healed and our own hearts and lives made whole.

Not only do medicine people [shamans, priests, priestesses, knowledgeable men/women] find important ceremonial explanations in ancient rock art, these images also explain events that happened in the past, and describe events that can happen in the present or are about to happen in the future. These sacred sites help us re-member ancient healing ceremonies on Mother Earth and from the universe to heal 'all things' that have happened through the ages. 

Bavado is also well known for creating large Medicine Wheels and other Circle Ceremonies that accomplish major healing of Mother Earth's various environments (including sacred sites), and repairing the Earth’s power centers and energy grids, which have been disrupted by various forms of development. 

• The Grand Tetons Medicine Wheel of May 8, 2004, encompassed a 1,200-mile diameter wheel. It alleviated the impending explosion of the Yellowstone Super Volcano in 2004. This Ceremony helped restore harmony within the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water elements helping curb potential problems and softening the effects of tornadoes, floods, droughts and earthquakes within this huge circle.

• The Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony of November 15, 2004 and the Uto Aztecan Crescent Moon / Dolphin / Whale / Bear Nations Ceremony May 13th & 14th, 2006 in the Northwestern United States helped heal many sacred sites bringing harmony to the lands in 8 States and ending a long-standing drought in the Big Bear area. 


•The Atlanta Georgia & Uluru Medicine Wheel Ceremony May 18 th, 2008 encompassed a 210-mile diameter circle. Ceremonies assisted the return of water, snow, rain and caused underground springs to reactivate. This ceremonies helped alleviate the historical droughts affecting Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina.

Bavado believes there is a great need to undertake a thoughtful visionary engagement at all sacred sites as part of a general spiritual reawakening that must happen within all peoples — not just for ourselves, but to re-establish our relationship with our Mother Earth. We must work to bring ourselves back into harmony with the Universal Life Force so we can consciously bring back the rain, snow and springs for all of creation in purity.

Our true Mother, the Earth, gives us life along with our Father within the Central Sun ,working as one—as the Creator. The Universe is creation itself known as the Mysterious One to everyone across this planet. The instructions on how to actualize this as a Living Truth lies at the sacred sites, telling us how to stay in balance and in harmony with nature and all conscious life upon our sacred Mother.

Now is the time to re-educate all cultures of the world in the universal laws—nature's laws— that will harmonize the web of life that we may all live together on our beautiful Mother Earth in partnership and peace.

Dear Brothers & Sisters of All Cultures Around the World,

May we all come forth protecting and healing Mother Earth as we now move into the 9th Wave of Consciousness and the Fifth Sun ahead as December 21st, 2012 approaches. May we prepare for the Galactic Alignment that will birth a new Mother Earth into existence—a pure world where peace, love and harmony is being prepared for us each and every day. May we be aware NOW, as we move through 2011 and into 2012 and beyond into the next 5,000 years ahead in the 500 year increments the Mayan Elders have mentioned to me.

We thank you so very much for considering joining us. Thank you, thank you, into infinity ... or in the Shoshone language “Oohweehoo”.

-Bavado, Rainbow Thunder Heart

You can contact him at or 360.515.8020.

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