Introduction to Earth Wisdom sections 1 & 2, with Bavado "Rainbow Thunder Heart" Bennie LeBeau filmed in fall of 2013 by Mike Frost. 
Bavado shares teachings of the medicine wheel at a medicine wheel gathering near Port Townsend, WA.

Part 1
Part 2

Working with Bavado in your Ceremonies

Many people are being contacted by Bavado as they are doing or planning ceremonies. It didn't take him long to learn to continue his work from the other side.  He asked me to continue his mission using the medicine wheel ceremonies to support and heal Mother Earth and All That Is. He's asking others to do the same.
As you're planning ceremonies for the upcoming equinox September 22 and beyond, we hope you will consider inviting him to join you in the planning and the ceremonies. He is able to be in many places at once and to work with many people, whether he's met you or not. Just call on him, he's waiting to hear from you. And remember that he is hoping we will be sharing medicine wheel ceremonies with children.

You can keep in touch with Pat at or by calling 509-669-1549.    

Bennie “Rainbow Thunder Heart” LeBeau aka BlueThunder Eastern Shoshone Nation Earth Star Knowledge Wisdom of the Rock Writings & Rock Alignments Created to Create Healthy Environments Circles within circles drawn within the rock art and rock alignments have taught Rainbow Thunder Heart the power of Creation to heal nature.
This wisdom can heal droughts, calm earthquakes, calm tornadoes, forest fires and many other issues within the environment.  He helps co-create the transformations using vibrant energy force fields to clear the dysfunctional energies that have affected the environment worldwide. Bavado is working side by side with Mother Nature, providing education and solutions to re-educate humanity about Mother Nature’s Principles of Peace.  The stone knowledge and wisdom shared in the rock alignments is part of the Traditional knowledge of the Shoshone Nations.  This is the wisdom shared from the stars representing the Universal Laws of the Star Nation cultures who we are all related to.  This wisdom has always been shared within our red nation cultures within the Shoshone-speaking Nations and nations alike around the planet. 
This wisdom was created thousands of years ago and would be needed at this time to help represent the Principles of Peace for peace to be understood.  For a peaceful environment and for peaceful cultures of humanity on this Planet, the First Nations in America will unite in healing the environment with our ceremonies. Rainbow Thunder Heart works with the ancient stone circle rock alignments and texts known as petroglyphs and rock art wisdom and knowledge.  Bavado activates the womb springs to flow and this then fills the dry riverbeds, rebirthing the waters, filling up the dry riverbeds with water, as the rains activate and the snows return to the high mountains. These texts written in stone bring about the teachings of how to utilize this power of the Medicine Wheel Ceremony worldwide.   Ancient texts were written to restore the water and help the other elements return to their original functional vibrations to operate in beauty. 
This wisdom written on stone tablets (petroglyphs) teaches us what the  purpose of the sacred sites is: giving life to all of creation. Knowledge written on cliff walls, boulders, caves, and on the ground is found in many areas worldwide. It shows how they help restore nature’s electro-magnetic force fields, known as circles of light, at sacred sites, that provide life to the Earth’s elements. All of creation is Heart as the stone aligns with the universe, stars and cosmos to create the environment’s elements. We are dedicated to returning cleanliness and health to the Earth's soil, wind-oxygen, waters, and the life force of all creation through vibrational healing and the sharing of ancient ceremonies and wisdom. We work with the Elders of many Tribes and Nations, each culture sharing their prophecies of Mother Earth, interpreting their understanding of sacred geometry, grid lines, ley lines and song lines, bringing this wisdom into common understanding and application.
We share the powerful wisdom about the energy, the power that transmutes the environment, bringing healing for Mother Earth. We are reintroducing the sacred geometric science of the Web of Life — Grandmother Spider's Web — the Flower of Life and how it works upon Mother Earth's sacred sites in today's societies. Our sacred prayer and hope is that as we reconnect to Mother Earth, we heal our families and relationships around the world for a better future for all generations to come. We are all connected within the Web of Life. Together we can bring about a healthy planet promoting peace. Our intentions, in decrees, in our spoken word, represent our prayers from our hearts, giving love in thankfulness for all that has been created, honoring and truly loving Mother Earth and each other.  Our hopes, dreams and intentions are in our decrees, known as prayers, for all of us to reconnect to Mother Earth, for the betterment of all. Join us in relearning how to live in healthy harmony in alignment with our precious Mother Earth and each other.

Bennie “Bavado” LeBeau, Sr., Eastern Shoshone Nation Tribal Member Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming  



March 20th, 2019
~Sunrise to Sunset~

All nations & cultures gathering to sing, drum, and dance to clean and clear the area within the medicine wheel and charge it with peace, love, joy and harmony.



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